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If you are seeking a provider who strives to understand each patient, and a staff that is knowledgeable, engaged and easy to reach when you need them, Greater Rochester Internal Medicine is here to help you.

Call us now to schedule an initial consultation and to learn more about our consistently high quality of care, and to find out more about our available MDVIP program– an innovative, personalized, preventative approach to healthcare.



More than just a doctor's office.


Our practitioners strongly adhere to the philosophy that disease prevention is vastly more beneficial than treating conditions after they have arisen. We also take a keen interest in aggressively controlling chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease. To this end, we believe that patients can and should be partners in their own care, and we are committed to providing the best possible tools and guidance to help them achieve greater wellness. 

For those patients who are looking for an even more complete healthcare experience, we are proud to offer an alternative approach to managing your health and wellness through our MDVIP program. Read below or contact us to find out more about this exciting program.


Exceptional Health Care

well-visits, Routine wellness or managing chronic conditions 

Greater Rochester Internal Medicine has always remained committed to providing exceptional care that surpasses the typical physician experience. Dr. Montesano and Certified Nurse Practitioner Denise Giblin provide the highest level of comprehensive medical care for patients over 18 years of age– from check-ups and physicals, to managing a chronic condition or addressing an acute illness or injury. We specialize in geriatric services, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, asthma/COPD, men’s issues, and many more, including:

  • Routine immunizations
  • EKGs
  • Perform minor procedures
  • Laboratory and x-ray services on site


Personalized Health & Wellness

MDVIP sErvice provider

MDVIP is an optional program founded on the principles of a highly personalized and preventative healthcare and wellness model. Seeking to build relationships with patients that the traditional medical model makes more difficult, Dr. Ragusa accepted the invitation to become a certified MDVIP provider in 2015.

For patients who seek options above and beyond those available through traditional insurance, we are pleased to be able to offer this specialized program. Contact us now for a free consultation and information session.

Benefits of MDVIP include:

  • Tailored, comprehensive wellness plans
  • Same or next-day appointments
  • Extended appointments
  • Referrals to top-of-the-line medical centers and specialists
  • Continuity of care in office and as your attending at your bedside in the event you are hospitalized

Anthony Ragusa, MD

Our founding physician

Dr. Ragusa founded Greater Rochester Internal Medicine in 1996 and proudly served his patients there for over 20 years. After much consideration, Dr. Ragusa chose to shift the path of his practice and accepted the honor of being selected as an MDVIP physician. The MDVIP model of medical practice allows him to continue caring for patients that desire a deeper level of personal care, and is conveniently located across the hall from the GR Internal Medicine offices. Find out more about MDVIP here.


Bachelor’s – Clarkson University
MS – Syracuse University
Doctorate of Medicine – University of Padova, Italy
Residency – St. Vincent’s Medical Center in New York and Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown

William Montesano, MD

Practicing since 2004

Dr. Montesano takes a special interest in emergency medical services (EMS) and has served as an EMT, Paramedic, and volunteer firefighter in Western New York. During the Bosnian Conflict, he volunteered with NATO & the UN to help refugees and assist during military air medical evacuations. For his efforts, he was awarded the Air Command Commander’s Commendation by the Canadian Ambassador to Italy.

He is currently the Advanced Life Support Medical Director for Victor-Farmington ambulance and Naples ambulance. He also serves on the Finger Lakes Emergency Medical Services council.

Dr. Montesano and his wife reside in Fairport.


Bachelor’s & MS – SUNY Buffalo
MS – Syracuse University
Doctorate of Medicine – University of Ancona, Italy
Residency – Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center

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